The program provides in-depth study of the language and practice of graphic design. Our students are professionals and graduates from complementary fields, including liberal arts, fine arts, architecture, media studies and journalism as well as those who studied design as undergraduates yet desire a more comprehensive and rigorous education in the theory and concepts of graphic design.

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Admission to the Graphic Design Post Bacc program is competitive; only a limited number of students are accepted to begin the program each fall. The 30-credit program is full-time for the academic year.

Priority application deadline is January 15, 2018

Please see the full application checklist at the MICA website

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many students are enrolled in the program?
A: Our program is usually 15-17 students.

Q: What type of backgrounds do your students have?
A: Our program attracts a diverse group of students, mainly with undergraduate degrees in visual art and communication disciplines like journalism, English, photography, architecture, printmaking, textile design, painting and film, video and animation. Students with degrees in less-related fields often take continuing education classes in graphic design, typography or web design before applying to the program. Some applicants come to us after working as a freelance or in-house designer and are looking for a more formal education in design. And finally we have students with a BFA in design who are looking for a rigorous education in design theory, history, media.

Q: What do your students do after the post bacc program?
A: Our students follow many paths, but most common are pursuing professional work as a graphic designer or attending an MFA program. See where our alumni are working or attending masters' programs here.

Q: What type of work would you like to see in the application portfolio?
A: We like to see a range of work related to the forms and techniques used in graphic design. Examples of how you use typography, how you use images, and your sense of composition and color. The portfolio does not have to be all examples of finished graphic design work (posters, books, websites, identity systems, package designs, etc.). Sketches, process work, photographs, prototypes, class projects, etc. are welcome. We encourage you to write captions describing your concept for the work or communication objectives.

Q: How important is the personal statement?
A: This is where we really get to know you! Tell us why you want to attend MICA and about your current experience with graphic design. List any specific goals you have for the GD Post Bacc program. Please let us know if you attended the Fall Open House or if we've met some other way.

Q: Is knowledge of design software required to attend the Graphic Design Post Bac program?
A: We do not offer software training as part of the core curriculum. Some typography classes and electives offer lessons on specific software and techniques, but a working knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite is necessary.